At the Intersection of Art & Technology

The musician Trimpin has been given many labels but the one I like the most is kinetic sculptor. He refers to his work as a visualization of sound. Sound being primary it must come first.

I am inspired by his creativity that kept a childlike wonder persevering past a filing cabinet full of eloquently labeled ‘FU’ letters. Of course those probably ended soon after he won the MacArthur “Genius” Award.

I went to see Trimpin talk after a local showing of his documentary about his music experiment with the Kronos Quartet. What interested me most was his creative process and particularly how he visualizes his musical scores.

Trimpin’s experimentation with technologies enable him to create technical feats and artistic wonders such as the automated piano in Ratatatatatt. Being an inventor at heart he custom designs almost everything he creates including the hardware and software.

When asked what he would set out to do if he had unlimited funds? He gazes at the questioner quizzically and responds that it is not the money that is the challenge but the limits of time.

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